Better known as the Chainkeeper, this enormous goblin began in the employ of Thousandeyes as a taskmaster, an overseer of his fellow goblins. Though he delighted in cruelty and cherished the power his service to Thousandeyes granted him over his brethren, Drelgash eventually began to rankle with discontent. A fiery ember planted in his mind, growing each day with more hate of his master. The goblins had the power to sweep over the lands and to dominate them, not Thousandeyes. A goblin should be the master of the goblin race, not some human usurper.

Drelgash destroyed the crystalline Eye his master had given him, a feat of incredible will power. He then sought to rally other goblins around his cause, but met with unrelenting opposition. Thousandeyes was not a being to be denied, and the goblins feared him as much as they were in awe of him. Drelgash became hunted, and his rebellion was about to be quashed before it ever began. Desperate, he journeyed to the motherland, to Orgeth Vale. He fought like mad, evading his would-be killers, and arrived bloodied and battered to the very presence of Bloodheart. Here he succumbed to his wounds and passed into a state between life and death. He met with a vision, first of a black goblin head with hellish yellow eyes, grinning. The mouth opened, and out came a long chain, ending in a black collar forged of fire. Drelgash awoke, and laying before him were four black chains ending in the iron collars.

The Chainkeeper was born.

Imbued with the power of Bloodheart, Drelgash had risen as an exarch. One by one, he tracked down the four most powerful goblin chiefs, defeating them in combat, and chaining them at his side. Now the goblins flocked to his standard. They could see instantly the power that had been granted to him. Drelgash led a final revolt, to the very tower of the Panopticon, where he met and battled with his former master. The final spell of Thousandeyes rent the souls of both mortal enemies to pieces, final bringing an end to the Goblin Wars.


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