Goblin Wars

In the forgotten days, the goblin hordes were vast and certainly violent, but they constantly fought themselves, tribe against tribe, to control the goblin motherland, Orgeth Vale. Those brave or foolish enough to venture near the Vale were often overwhelmed by scores of the viscious warriors. The goblins were divided, and thus powerless—until Thousandeyes.

The origins of this dark sorcerer are lost to time, and few if any can tell how he brought the goblins under his control. Goblins fear and love magic, to be sure. Thousandeyes and his followers united the goblins and began to wield them as a weapon against the free nations, Elden, Archon, Ged, and Bala among others. Locked in his tower on the precipice of Orgeth Vale, Thousandeyes was untouchable.

The goblin nations spread, bringing treasure and crowns flowing back to their dark master. Soon the last vestiges of resistance would be dissolved, and the world would belong to him and his bloodthirsty minions. But one such goblin rose, a taskmaster named Drelgash. Single-handedly, this goblin began a revolution, one that would turn the war back on Thousandeyes. The two figures met in epic duel, culminating in a cataclysmic event that ended in the destruction of both. Or so it was thought.

Since that final battle, the world has slowly been rebuilding. But the goblins are everywhere, left stranded throughout the land, contending for dominance over the wild with the few civilizations that remain.

Goblin Wars

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